Apple Macbook

Apple has been designing it’s own ARM based A series chips for iPhones, iPads and iPods from the begining of those series.It has also designed a chip based on ARM to power the touch bar in the 2016 Macbook Pro.Now, a new chip is being designed for increasing power efficiency by handling certain basic task’s and may be used for upcoming Macbook, of-course based on ARM.

The chip will reportedly handle some basic tasks, like checking for email and installing updates, while the computer is asleep. Apple currently relies on the MacBook’s main Intel processor to handle these tasks, but by building a dedicated low-power processor, Apple could reduce battery consumption and increase it’s on-time even further.

The chip may debut in an upgraded MacBook Pro which is being planned for later this year. That’d be a good fit, as the 13-inch Touch Bar model of the MacBook Pro has been frequently criticized for its poor battery life.


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