OnePlus and Meizu

In a recent study done by the XDA community, found out signs of cheating on a benchmark test running on devices made by OnePlus and Meizu.

The research done by XDA community has a lot in-depth analysis into core speeds and thermal throttling so to save your time we have written it down in few simple sentences.

What the OnePlus 3T does is that, when a certain benchmark app is detected by the phone, it switches over to a more aggressive CPU governor to keep clock speeds higher for longer and squezes all the power it has to score higher on the performance.

OnePlus quickly responded to the issues, offering a promise that it’ll patch it in future OxygenOS update on both the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

OnePlus gave also a quite a not-so-statisfying excuse, stating that a special high-performance mode was turned on when a high-intensity app ran on the device .

The XDA community was able to accurately prove this by the variance’s in reported performance scores with modified APK packages. This suggest’s that a targeted attempt was made to fool certain apps, rather than simply offering a performance mode.Same thing goes for Meizu as well.

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