Ever wonder how you get suggestion’s from Facebook for sending friend request’s to people whom you might know and then think how they know it, what’s more about to wonder is that most of them are in your contact list. We’ll make the whole thing understand to you in this article.As you might know that Facebook had bought Whatsapp for a whooping sum of $19 billion dollar’s. You must be thinking Facebook must be nut’s to buy it for such a huge amount, but what you don’t know is, with what all goodies it came with. We’ll tell you, it’s the huge amount of User Data, yes, you heard it right that was the big goody.As you know Whatsapp has a very large User-base and Facebook wanted to synchronize it with it’s services for a better User experience at-least this is what they like to say.

Whatsapp was recently sued in Germany by German Consumer Group on the grounds of collecting data without User’s consent and sharing it with Facebook even their contact list’s. What’s even more worse is that the people in their contact list’s who don’t even use Whatsapp or Facebook even their data was taken and shared.

Moreover, WhatsApp Users who opted out of Facebook’s programme of using User data to target ads and suggest friends are given no option to stop sharing data entirely.

In September, government bodies ordered Facebook to stop collecting and storing WhatsApp user data in Germany. In December saw the European Commission accuse the social network of giving “incorrect or misleading information.” Now, the Federation of German Consumer Organizations is asking for an injunction to stop data sharing and make Facebook delete all data from German WhatsApp users, accusing the companies of abusing users’ trust.

WhatsApp still state’s that its privacy policy and terms are compliant with established laws and EU regulatory guidelines.

You must be thinking what Facebook and Whatsapp get’s from collectiong so much data, ofcourse it helps them provide better User experience but what’s even better is that they get more money from it.Let us explain it to you, for eg: You in a certain Whatsapp chat with your friend mentioned of buying a new mobile phone.

Then what happens is that Whastapp stores this data and shares it with Facebook and then what the social giant does that it show’s ad’s related to mobile phone on most of the place’s you surf on Facebook and whenever you click on that ad or even view it Facebook get’s money and what’s even better is that when you buy mobile from that ad Facebook get’s even a bigger chunk of money.In today’s social/tech world User data is a very big thing, it’s like with great User data comes great money.It’s good making money and there’s nothing wrong with it, but where it get’s worse is when a company makes money from User data which was collected without the User’s consent and that’s not acceptable at all.

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